We need monthly donors. Would you consider setting up a recurring donation to support the residents of Front Porch Housing?
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Give towards overall support

Your gift will support the overall ministry and will move us toward our long-term goal of building an affordable and sustainable housing development.

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Donate gift cards

We are collecting gift cards (half-used or unused) and turning them into cash.

Gift cards to cash

We have partnered with a third party to liquidate donated gift cards so the funds can be put to good use.

Gift card drop off

Drop off or mail to Front Porch Housing at 1433 Cleveland St., Greenville, SC 29607.


Give towards wish list

Your gift will go towards a specific project on our launch wish list. We have a vision for the future of Front Porch Housing that includes a coffee shop, recreation area, playground, and many more renovations and improvements that will support our residents.

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Give towards medical needs

Your gift will support the medical needs of our residents as we work to meet immediate health needs as well as build a foundation for long-term whole-body health and wellness.

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How to


At this time, we are prioritizing Amazon donations and pausing on accepting donated furniture and other household items. We encourage you to give any items to Miracle Hill. We are currently accepting vehicles. Many of our residents come into the program without a vehicle, which is a huge hurdle in obtaining gainful employment and moving toward independent living.
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Wish List


Additional Fencing


Clubhouse Front Porch Addition

$23,000 - $1,675 = $21,325

Landscaping Install & Community Garden


Counseling Office Construction & Setup COMPLETE


Building Access Security COMPLETE


Commercial ADA Playground Equipment & Install COMPLETE


Recreation Area (half-court basketball, pickleball) COMPLETE


Shade Stations for Rec Area & Benches COMPLETE