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About Front Porch

Front Porch Housing is a two-year supportive housing program designed to help individuals and families in crisis build a firm foundation with the goals of continued sobriety, gainful employment, financial independence, and spiritual maturity. We partner with community sources such as Miracle Hill, Renewal, Jasmine Road, The Phoenix Center, Serenity Place, and more.

Floor Plans

Front Porch Housing Floor Plan with two beds and two baths
Front Porch Housing Floor Plan with four beds and two baths
Front Porch Housing Floor Plan with four beds and four baths
Apply for Housing

To apply to be a part of our covenant living community, please complete the following steps




Covenant Living Agreement



The third step of the process is an interview with the housing team and will be scheduled after Step 1 and Step 2 are both completed.

Have questions about the application process? Email us at [email protected].
What is covenant living?
A covenant community is made up of individuals, couples, and families who hold themselves and each other to the terms of a common agreement and code of conduct. At Front Porch Housing, our community seeks to create a safe, warm environment that validates each person’s worth, invokes a sense of dignity and pride, and builds trust within the community.
How to



Every Saturday between 9am–1pm, we send a team out to the greater Greenville area to pick up donations large and small. We have a great need for volunteers in this area.


Every Tuesday between 11:30am–1:30pm, a team of volunteers meets at our warehouse located in Greer (just behind GSP Airport) to unpack, sort, and organize donations that have been collected the weekend before. There is also an opportunity to paint and refinish furniture as well as pull furniture and design a home plan for a resident or ministry partner requesting furniture.


We encourage local church and community groups to serve together and have opportunities on the first Saturday of every month for groups to work as a team in our warehouse. Occasionally, we also have opportunities to move new residents into their new home. This includes moving, set up, and decorating.


We know the importance of personal connection and investment for our residents and for the growth of our community. We encourage individuals to serve alongside our residents as mentors, tutors for adult education, and kids and teens tutoring. We do require references, a volunteer application, and a background check to serve with Front Porch Housing. This is to help us place you in the best possible serving role and to protect our residents and their families.

Grace Housing—Seeing God's Provision

"We are flooded with more than we could ask for. The ability to both disciple the volunteers and learn myself what God has for us has been . . . overwhelming. Just to see the grace and abundance that he gives us—every time you think you understand it, there's more."

How to


Drop off at Grace Church

Small items (bedding, décor, dishes etc.) may be dropped off at:
Pelham Campus Main Office
2801 Pelham Rd., Greenville
Monday – Thursday
9AM – 4PM

Drop off at warehouse

All items big and small may be dropped off directly at:
3195 J Verne Smith Pkwy, Greer
Tuesday & Thursday | 11:30am–1:30pm
Saturday | 9:00am-12:00pm
Email for appointment.

Pick Up

We can also schedule a pick-up for any items:
Email to get on the pickup list.
We usually schedule two to three weeks out.

How to



Your gift will support the overall ministry and will move us toward our long-term goal of building an affordable and sustainable housing development.


Your gift will support the medical needs of our residents as we work to meet immediate health needs as well as build a foundation for long-term whole-body health and wellness.


We need your help with a new and unique project! Everyone has a few half-used or unused gift cards hanging out in their wallet—we are collecting those gift cards and turning them into cash. We have partnered with a third party to liquidate these cards. The cash will then be used to help with some additional funding for our residents in Front Porch Housing. Please consider contributing to this project! Gift cards can be dropped off at any local Grace Church location or mailed to Front Porch Housing at 1433 Cleveland St, Greenville, SC 29607

Frequently Asked


Where is the warehouse?

The address is 3195 J Verne Smith Parkway, Greer, SC 29651

What can I donate?

We are looking for any and all housing items—from furniture to utensils to cleaning products and everything in between! Basically, if it goes into a house and it is in good clean condition, chances are we need it. We furnish every room of the house from bedrooms to linen closets to kitchens and laundry rooms. So if you are wondering, “will they take clean trash cans and used sheets as well as shower curtains and curtain rods?” the answer is YES!
You can also donate to the housing ministry by purchasing directly from our Amazon Wish List.

Can I donate a car?

Yes! We accept all vehicles in good working condition. To donate a vehicle, first complete THIS form. You may also need to have the vehicle appraised to determine its value to back up your itemization of this donation on your tax return. Any vehicle donations deemed greater than $5,000 in value require additional documentation by the IRS. Your appraiser will assist you with starting this form, which will need to be completed by the Grace Finance Department. They will return the form via mail to you in two weeks. If it is valued under $5,000 you will not need additional documentation from the appraiser. We partner with Reasonable Rides in Pelzer to receive and hold our donated vehicles at their secure site. Please take your vehicle to 1853 Easley Hwy, Pelzer, SC 29669 during business hours (M-F 10-6 PM or Sat 10-2 PM). When you drop off the vehicle, keep the vehicle tag, but drop off the title and keys. The Signature of the Seller must be signed when dropping off the vehicle, this can be found on the back of your vehicle title under the top section labeled “Assignment of Vehicles” – lower right side of box. A donation receipt can either be collected during drop-off or mailed within two weeks.

What can I NOT donate?

We do not accept soiled linens, broken, or expired items. We also do not take clothing or baby items. We will occasionally take baby furniture such as cribs, pack-and-plays, and changing tables, so it never hurts to ask, but we do not commonly take or stock those items. Just think “would I place this in my home for a guest or my family?” If the answer is no, then we probably wouldn’t want it either.

How can I schedule a pick-up / drop off?

We have a couple of options for drop off/pick-up of donated items: 1—Small Items (bedding, décor, dishes etc.) may be dropped off at the main office at the Grace Church Pelham campus 9AM – 4PM, Monday – Thursday, 2801 Pelham Rd, Greenville SC 29615. 2—All items big and small may be dropped off directly at our warehouse in Greer (behind GSP Airport) every Tuesday between 11:30AM – 1:30PM. Please email [email protected] for an appointment at 3195 J Verne Smith Parkway Greer SC 29650. 3—We can also schedule a pick-up for any items on Saturday mornings between 9AM – 1PM. We usually schedule two to three weeks out, so please email [email protected] to get on the pickup list as soon as possible.

How can I apply? What are the qualifications?

Front Porch Housing currently serves a variety of individuals. Our residents are coming from diverse backgrounds such as drug and alcohol recovery, abuse, human trafficking, homelessness, and more. If you are interested in applying, please complete the three steps in our application process as listed above.